AdMob is one of the world’s largest CPC mobile ad networks, founded in 2006 in Mountain View, US. It offers a vast array of tools and solutions to monetize and promote apps and mobile websites.

AdMob basically connects advertisers with publishers/developers via its mobile marketplace, enabling advertisers to create and run targeted ads and developers to generate higher profits from their advertising revenue.

Advertisers can utilize AdMob to promote their apps and mobile sites, via in-app advertising or cross-promoted with free house ads. Developers looking to monetize their apps and sites can choose and run a range of ads with a simple SDK download (for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7).

  • Extensive tools to track downloads/measure results and manage ad campaigns
  • Cross-promote apps for free with AdMob house ads
  • A robust network including over 100,000 apps and mobile sites
  • Free ad network mediation for use with multiple ad networks

    Key Features

    • Ads from millions of Google advertisers
    • Native ads that don’t disrupt the user experience
    • Unlimited mobile app analytics
    • No SDK required
    • Over 1 million apps use AdMob on iOS and Android
    • AdMob is available on Unity
    • Maximise your revenue with user insights
    • Promote your apps for free
    • Get paid fast with no transfer fees
    • Over 200 billion monthly ad requests

    AdMob Ad Review Centre

    AdMob’s ad review centre, as part of their automated tools suite, offers the following to users:

    • You can take control over the ads that appear in apps
    • Review individual ads shown in apps and decide whether to show them in the future
    • Block ads from AdWords advertisers that have shown ads in apps
    • Automatically block ads by advertiser URL, category, or even ad network

      Admob’s ad interface allows you, app developers, to customize mobile advertisements for both free-to-play games and commercial offers alike. In addition to the advertisement service, AdMob provides developers with analytics tools that allow them to track their ad profitability and revenue.

      Admob enables app developers to customize mobile ads for free-to-play games as well as commercial offers alike. App owners can use sophisticated ad targeting capabilities in order to reach relevant potential customers or users of their app.

      AdMob Analytics provides its users with a variety of information about their ads or ad campaigns, such as how much money they are making and where the revenue is coming from. For example, it can show you which countries your app has been most popular in, what types of devices people are using to view your ads on, and other aggregate data.

      AdMob offers its users a variety of ad formats that include banners, rewarded video ads, native ads and interstitials. In addition to the advertisement service, AdMob also provides developers with analytics tools that allow them to track their ad profitability as well as revenue.

      In order to use Google’s online advertising services, you don’t have to sign up for an AdMob account. You can simply start using it by visiting the company’s website and register

      Admob is a great way to generate revenue from apps! Try it out today and see how much money you are able to make with this online advertisement service!

      Google Admob ads formats

      Banners: These are static ads that have a rectangular shape.

      Interstitial: This is a full-screen ad format and comes between two app pages. They can be video or image-based, and they’re typically displayed when the user has scrolled to the bottom of an app page before closing it. Rewarded Video Ads play after watching a rewarded video which gives a reward to the user.

      Rewarded Video Ads are video ads that play after watching a rewarded video that gives a reward to the user, such as game currency or items in an e-commerce app. Rewarded Videos can be played by swiping up on their full-screen banner ad unit and scrolling through multiple videos of various lengths before returning to where they left off. Rewarded Video Ads can be full screen or skippable (after watching for at least 30 seconds).

      Rewarded Interstitials are full-screen ads that appear between two app pages and typically reward users with virtual goods, extra lives in a game, special powerups, etc.

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