Vimmy is a newly launched company headquartered in the Netherlands. Since its establishment in 2020, the platform has become one of the top ad networks with more than 250 million subscribers, and its userbase is growing even more with time. The platform takes pride in more than 2000 million daily ad requests and over 650 million impressions per day.

They have specialized in push notification advertising, and their progress in digital advertising and marketing so far has been astounding. Vimmy is managed by a team of highly talented professionals with at least 8 years of digital marketing and traffic acquisition experience.

The network is known for its anti-fraud system that ensures preventing any suspicious or fake traffic and provides only legitimate and high-quality traffic to users. Whether affiliates, agencies, or advertisers, Vimmy offers cutting-edge technology solutions for all to create highly profitable campaigns.

Before jumping to the details of Vimmy, let’s know what ad network is? And what are push notifications?

What is an Ad Network?

Ad Network is a method for selling or inventory; simply think of it as an intermediary responsible for presenting an accurate impression to the right buyer. It makes partnerships with advertisers (demand-side) and publishers (supplier-side) to help them achieve their goals of ad campaigns. Ad Networks perform a huge range of roles; for instance, the ad network may directly buy inventory from supply-side platforms (SSPs) and sell at desired rates.

What are Push Notifications?

Push Notifications are just like SMS. To make it simple, push notifications are the messages that pop-up on the screen of a visitor’s device like mobile or computer as an icon, alert, or a media message. The main purpose of the push notification is to regain the audience’s attention. Additional benefits of push notifications are given below:

  • Deliver any message efficiently to a wide range of audience
  • They have more than 90% opening rate
  • Used for promoting various special offers
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Enhance users’ engagement

Let’s discuss some of the unique features of Vimmy!

Unique Features of Vimmy:

The online market is flooded with a plethora of available ad networks, but only a few are able to fulfill the requirements of their users. Vimmy is one of the most powerful advertising platforms with a wide range of advanced features that make it the best choice for advertisers and digital marketers.

Some of the unique features offered by the platform are given below:

Self – Serve Platform

Vimmy is a self–serve platform, which means that only the users decide how to launch their campaigns. The network bridges the gap between advertisers and publishers. It acts as an intermediary to join the right advertisers with the right publishers who have matching content in the particular niche. Vimmy works independently without the involvement of a third party to provide a transparent environment for both advertisers and publishers.

Instant Campaign Creation

Easy campaign creation is a vital need for advertisers. With Vimmy, you can get fast approvals and easily create profitable campaigns. The network’s advanced techniques enable users to smoothly create and launch effective campaigns at lightning speed.

Anti-Fraud Technology

One of the most remarkable features of Vimmy is its Anti-Fraud Technology to prevent any suspicious and fake traffic from reaching the campaigns, plus avoid illegitimate transactions. The platform focuses on providing high-quality and bot-free traffic to its users. It is a highly secure network that is free of spam and fraud. Vimmy keeps your personal data safe and gives you full access to your information, which you can replace or remove at any time you prefer.

Ad Rotation

Vimmy, with the aid of artificial intelligence (AI) and other machine learning techniques, helps to ensure that advertisements are shown on the desired devices to the targeted audience at the optimal time, thus enhancing users’ engagement, increasing conversion rates, and boosting sales.   

High-Load Projects

Over several years, the talented team of Vimmy has successfully developed and implemented high-load projects in the advertising market. They have the ability to serve tons of connections to their customers and efficiently avert issues like random errors, slow loading of pages, and customer losses.

Big Data

Data is an essential component in the success of any business, but handling a large amount of data is quite a difficult job. Vimmy has developed various advanced techniques for effectively handling big data. This feature helps the advertisers to make data-driven decisions and improve the strategies for growing their business.

Vimmy for Advertisers:

Vimmy is the perfect advertising network for advertisers and digital marketers because it harbors all the necessary features for launching targeted campaigns and maximizing return on investment (ROI). The platform offers fast-working and highly flexible marketing solutions that allow users to deliver multi-format ad campaigns comfortably. Vimmy emphasizes providing a perfect ecosystem for promoting and growing business via online marketing.

Some of the major benefits of Vimmy for advertisers are given below:

Several Geo-Locations

Vimmy works across multiple locations worldwide, which means that you can easily promote your offers to an international audience. Some of the top targeted countries include the USA, Spain, Indonesia, France, Germany, Brazil, and India.

User-Friendly Dashboard

The platform offers a super-friendly and intuitive dashboard equipped with full-fledged functionalities. For users’ convenience, it contains the entire statistic and other useful information in a single place.

In-Depth Reporting

The advanced tools offered by the platform helps to provide deep insights into your campaigns. It helps to track the performance of your ads in real-time, plus allows you to monitor your campaign’s popularity, the number of visitors, impressions, clicks, conversions, and revenue generated. You can also download reports on your campaign results, analyze them, and make informed decisions.

Advanced Targeting

Vimmy’s Advanced Targeting feature helps the advertisers to target and narrow down their audience. Moreover, it makes sure that the campaigns are delivered to the audience of interest in order to capture the attention of the audience, boost engagement, increase conversion rates, and generate more revenue. Following is the list of targeting options offered by Vimmy network:

  • Location/County/Region targeting
  • Browser targeting
  • Language targeting
  • OS targeting
  • Device targeting
  • Usage type targeting
  • Blacklist IP targeting
  • White list IP targeting

24/7/265 Customer Support

They offer complete customer care support. If you face any issues or have any questions about campaigns, you can contact them any time. Vimmy team will respond quickly to solve your problems. Interestingly, after joining Vimmy, a dedicated team manager will be assigned to help develop various strategies to run your campaigns successfully. They will also aid in optimizing your ad campaigns and give you suggestions to attract more visitors through push notifications advertisements.

Rewarding Referral Program

The referral program offered by the network allows you to earn some extra money. Users can get a 3% commission on each visitor that joins the platform through your referral link. So you can share the referral link on your social media accounts and generate more income.

How to Get Started?

The start-up process is very simple and straightforward. You need to sign-up through your email id and fill in some basic information, such as your address, location, account details, etc. After the registration process is done, wait for the approval, which will come shortly after the sign-up process. Once you get the approval, you can start creating and launching campaigns.

Pros and Cons of Vimmy:


  • Easily and instantly launch campaigns
  • The platform is extremely safe and secure
  • Wide range of verticals including Dating, Software, Sweepstakes, etc.
  • Maximize ROI and generate more revenue
  • High-quality worldwide traffic
  • More than 650 million impressions daily
  • AI and machine learning features
  • Multiple targeting options
  • Low budget for testing campaigns ($50)
  • 3% referral commission
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Anti-fraud technology
  • Fast account approval
  • Real-time statistics
  • In-depth reporting
  • Several money transfer methods
  • Highly rated customer support
  • Integration via XML/RTB

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