In the past few years, various marketing models like CPA, CPL, CPS, and CPI have gained extraordinary popularity, plus these models are highly valued and accepted. Consequently, different digital marketing agencies based on these marketing models emerged.
Some of the agencies made it to the top of the marketing agencies list, and ClickDealer is one of them.

ClickDealer has grown tremendously in a concise period of time. In the review, we will provide detail about the ClickDealer marketing agency and tell you what ClickDearle is? What do they offer? Why should you join this platform?

What is ClickeDealer?

ClickDealer, founded in 2012, is an affiliate network developed by Global Digital Marketing (GDM) Group. Since its inauguration, this global performance marketing agency has focused on developing various strategies to achieve marketing goals. This platform provides a wide range of offers and services to advertisers, publishers, and agencies, plus bridges the space between them, helping them obtain optimum performance via their advertisement campaigns.

ClickDealer is a well-acknowledged network that has been mounting standards in the world of online marketing. Moreover, this recognized industry expert has been ranked as the number one network by mThink Blue Book and Perfominsider. It currently collaborates with hundreds of famous brands across the globe with a major emphasis on e-commerce and mobile.

The platform offers a vast array of methods and traffic sources, including search, retargeting, video, social, display, native ads, and email. With 5 large offices in different countries of the world, ClickDealer primarily focuses on expanding their reach and brand while also aiding their advertisers and publishers in achieving the same.

One of ClickDealer’s mainsprings’ work is their strong business networking, which is why they reward their affiliates via high-quality contests, loyalty programs, and meetups. This platform currently has more than 5000 offers for affiliates and more than 70 million customers across the globe.

ClickDealer for Advertisers:

ClickDealer depends on performance-based marketing to generate more leads and amplify sales. This platform’s key aim is to maximize your return on investment and deploying advanced in-house technology. You can generate a huge profit on your campaigns with a 100% guarantee. While working with ClickDealer, advertisers gain a lot of benefits, which are as following:

  • Prodigious Network: ClickDealer platform provides many benefits to advertisers, with around 7000 expert publishers, over 6 Million conversions per month, plus more than 4 Million apps installations in a month.
  • Expertise in Various Marketing Models: For providing high-quality services to advertisers and growing the marketing business, this network has specialized in various marketing models like CPA, CPC, CPL, CPS, and CPI.
  • Vast Exposure: To achieve huge monetization, ClickDealer offers various traffic types and guaranteed promotion of the products in various countries of the world.

Other Benefits for Advertisers:

  • Traffic is targeted via OS, GEOs, Device, and Carrier.
  • Provide statistics and analytic report.
  • Provides 24/7 support with the help of experienced managers.
  • Latest custom methods and techniques to promote your offers to the top.

ClickDealer for Publishers:

The substantial experience of ClickDealer in performance marketing aids publishers and affiliates to reach their goals and generate large revenue. For publishers, this network provides different following offers:

Large Network: As mentioned earlier, ClickDealer provides more than 5000 direct offers to its affiliates and publishers. It is a vast network working in 180+ countries across the globe. They have over 18 famous and remunerative verticals, some of which are: Software Download, E-commerce, Social Networking, Nutra, Mobile Content, Gaming, LeadGen, Entertainment, Pay-Per-Call, Travel, and Finance.

Support Services: A team of experienced support managers is ready to help you 24/7 develop various strategies to promote the products and update on the latest offers every week.

Tracking tool: The tracking tool developed by this platform helps you to track your earnings and reports about analytics and statistics.

Other Offers for Publishers:

  • Various business models (CPL, CPI, CPA, and CPC).
  • Timely payments.
  • Multiple payment approaches.
  • A huge range of beneficial offers from top-class advertisers.
  • Different loyalty programs

ClickDealer for Agencies:

ClickDealer, in collaboration with different marketing partners, helps to deliver excellent results. It offers you the best platform for generating, managing, and promoting your marketing campaigns, plus maximizing your profits through advertisements. For agencies, ClickDealer provides following services:

  • Smart solutions for marketing problems with advanced in-house technologies.
  • Supply hoard of professional and expert publishers.
  • Worldwide campaigns and traffic.
  • Easy monetization strategies

Why should you join ClickDealer Network?

Following are some of the main reasons to join ClickDealer:

Choosing the offers might sometimes be difficult; that’s why they have developed Dating SmartLink. So if you are not an expert at choosing offers, through SmartLink you can launch all at once. Offers provided by SmartLink can cover more than 250 geos.
SmartLink automatically averts the visitors toward the most appropriate offers to obtain highly efficient and maximum traffic monetization depending on various parameters like device type, location, and dynamic eCPM.

2. Variety of Offers:

Getting the affiliates and advertisers on board is an easy task but providing them products that are good enough to gather traffic and sell is a hard row to hoe. In case of ClickDealer, it offers a diverse range of excellent offers that will assist you in generating huge amount of money.

3. Various Models:

Trying the advertiser on a Cost-Per-Action basis is very hard when you are not certain about their willingness to convert on your targeted traffic for actual sales. This is not the case with the ClickDealer network because it provides you different models to promote. For instance, if you don’t want to think about whether your guided traffic will reach the product or purchase it from the website, then promotion based on cost-per-lead is worth trying.

4. Efficient Tracking:

ClickDealer offers an efficient and robust tracking system that helps track the traffic generated by affiliates and publishers, even if the system/internet goes off.

5. Timely Payment:

Before joining any affiliate network, the first question that comes to mind is whether it pays on time or not. While working with ClickDealer, you don’t have to worry about any payment delays because this excellent platform is known for accurate and timely payouts.

6. Affiliate Support:

Every advertiser and publisher chooses a network with an expert team that responds to the queries quickly, updates about new promotions, and provides support in various issues and designing campaigns. In the case of providing support services, ClickDealr is second to none. A team of highly experienced managers is ready to assist you 24/7.

What are the Terms and Conditions for Joining ClickDealer?

Before joining ClickDealer, you should check following terms and conditions:

  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • You must provide your personal information- your full name, contact number, email address.
  • Account must be used by only one person.
  • Marinating the security of account and password is your responsibility.
  • You are responsible for the all the activities and content posted on your account.
  • Any violation of law, unauthorized, and illegal activity will lead to the banning of account.
  • Material posted on your site must be appropriate and true

Pros of ClickDealer:

  • Provide over 5000 offers and 18 verticals.
  • Offers re-marketing and boosting the products sale.
  • Registration process is easy.
  • Minimum payment of $500.
  • Various payment options (PayPal, Wire Transfer, eCheck, Wire Transfer, and more).
  • Different modes of marketing (CPL, CPA, CPI, and CPC).
  • Efficient tracking system.
  • 24/7/365 support service.
  • Comprehensive reports on analytics and statistics.
  • Timely payments.
  • Performance-based bonuses.
  • Loyalty programs for affiliates and publishers