Coinbound Review 2022:

Most startups and young CEOs underestimate the importance of digital marketing for promoting their crypto-based businesses due to the lack of education and experience. Marketing in the cryptocurrency or blockchain industry is significantly different from marketing in traditional industries. The complex nature of cryptocurrency makes it difficult for startups to increase their credibility in the market.

Moreover, with crypto advertising banned from social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc., advertising has become more difficult for crypto organizations. Cryptocurrency-based brands need the help of crypto marketing companies to promote their brands to many audiences. So, if you are looking to promote your crypto business, you will need expert, reliable assistance.

The problem is that the market is full of available crypto marketing agencies, and choosing the right agency is quite hard. So, if you are confused about which agency to choose from many available options, we are just about to explore a particular crypto marketing agency in detail that might prove to be the best choice that you can make.

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Coinbound Detailed Review:

Here is the Coinbound detailed review for 2021 and 2022

  • Agency Name: Coinbound
  • Founded: 2018
  • Company Size: 2 – 10 Employees
  • Specialized in: SEO, SEM, SMM, Influencer Marketing, PPC, etc.
  • Associated with ICOs: ShapeShift, Nexo, Voyager, CoinStats, Cosmos, eToro, OKCoin.
  • Head Office: 3499 Tenth St., Riverside, California 92501, USA
  • Website:
  • Support Team Email:
  • Coinbound:

    Founded in 2018, Coinbound is a leading crypto & blockchain marketing agency focused on promoting cryptocurrency or blockchain-based brands to promote their businesses through Influencer & thought-leading marketing, SEO, SEM, PPC (Google, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), Social media management, and public relations. Coinbound is headed by Ty Daniel Smith, an established crypto marketer known for his crypto marketing podcast. The agency is trusted by famous crypto companies like ShapShift, VOYAGER, Stake, OKEX, Cosmos, eToro, Cominemine, and many more.

    Coinbound claims that it has the world’s largest network of content creators, news sites, and social media influencers available in the crypto & blockchain market. It has crypto influencers across Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Steemit, Telegram, Linked In, and other social media platforms. Moreover, the agency also works with a huge network of publishers like ZyCrypto, CoinTelegraph, NullTX, EthereumWorldNews, and more.

    Furthermore, through its successful campaigns, the company has produced significant results for its clients, such as a 60% increase in organic traffic via SEO, 5X ROAS from PPC, and 7X improvement to traffic engagement through social media management. In essence, Coinbound offers a wide range of services to promote your crypto business and helps you to reach a huge number of highly engaged audiences.

    Key Services offered by Coinbound:

    1. Influencer & Thought Leader Marketing:

    We know that crypto influencer marketing has become one of the most trusted digital marketing methods, and no one can deny its importance in reaching a wide range of audiences of highly engaged cryptocurrency traders, investors, and enthusiasts. Coinbound manages the world’s largest network of cryptocurrency & blockchain influencers across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, TikTok, and more. These crypto influencers help attract massive traffic to your cryptocurrency brand, thereby increasing your business’ success.

    2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

    Ranking high on Google is becoming more and more difficult with time, but you don’t need to worry because Coinbound got you covered. The company believes in a content-first approach that attracts potential clients and provides value to them. The agency crafts ultra engaging content with high-traffic keywords relevant to your audience that helps to improve your website ranking on Google. The SEO content by Coinbound helps to bring over 60X more organic traffic than the content written by clients’ in-house marketing team.

    Coinbound performs extensive keyword research to determine high-opportunity keywords that your audience is searching for. After comprehensive keyword research, they make expert-written and super engaging blog content designed to rank well and improve conversion rates. You would be surprised to know that they reach out to authoritative crypto & blockchain sites and get them to link to your website, thereby improving your domain’s authority in Google’s eyes.

    3. PPC Ads:

    PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads on Google, YouTube, Twitter, Linked In, etc., are highly customizable and scalable. PPC advertising allows you to display custom-tailored ads in front of a targeted audience to deliver your message. Coinbound helps deliver your PPC ads on a wide array of platforms (Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more) to attract a new audience, generate new leads, convert users to customers, and make more income.

    They work by taking a deep dive into your brand, your crypto competitors, and your business to determine high return on investment (ROI) strategies to help you grow instantly and scalably. They build an effective plan that delivers your message in front of your targeted audience.     

    4. Social Media Management:

    Building a social presence is very important to get your blockchain brand in front of new visitors and to capture their attention. Coinbound performs comprehensive research on your brand, identifies your brand’s voice, and formulates a content strategy to engage your target audience. They share your content live, thus boosting engagements. Coinbound makes sure that your social media accounts are constantly engaging with fantastic crypto content and community members.

    5. Reddit and Forum Management:

    Coinbound helps manage and grow its clients’ communities to a wide range of crypto forums, including Reddit, Bitcointalk, and many more.

    6. Public Relations:

    Coinbound’s public relations team aids in securing organic and needle-moving coverage for leading crypto influencers and publications, such as CoinDesk, Yahoo Finance, CoinTelegraph, Decrypt, and many more.

    Why Choose Coinbound over others?

    Now you might be thinking about what makes Coinbound different from others. Below we will discuss why you should choose Coinbound over its competitors.

    Campaign Creation, Optimization, and Scaling

    Coinbound helps create a complete custom-built campaign on Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and more to generate new leads and convert your users to customers. Besides, they ensure that your business is ready to scale and is accurately positioned to capitalize on your traffic. Coinbound keeps a constant eye on your campaigns after going live and makes optimization accordingly to ensure your budget is being spent efficiently.

    The advanced geo-targeting offered by Coinbound helps to target the specific audience that might be interested in your campaigns. Moreover, the conversion tracking features aids in monitoring the performance of your campaigns, number of clicks, and conversions. Apart from this, Coinbound also offers a variety of other features, which are given below:

    • Remarketing Campaigns
    • Comprehensive PPC bid management
    • Advanced PPC Keyword Research
    • Ad Account Setup
    • Ongoing campaign optimization

    They will help you set up your account, and you have 100% transparency at all times.

    Landing Page Setup & Optimization

    We know that landing pages can make and break a campaign, and no one can deny their importance in generating leads or converting visitors into customers. Coinbound helps you to set up landing pages for crypto marketing and also optimize them.

    User-Friendly Dashboard

    Coinbound offers a clean, easy-to-use, custom-built dashboard that shows exactly how much traffic is being bought by each article written by the agency and how the PPC ads are performing. It provides you detailed analytics about the performance of your campaigns. Besides, it comes with an SEO Audit Tool that sends you monthly reports to help you show any issues with your website that might be preventing your site from ranking higher and even reports on how to fix them. You can also get reports on the number of visitors, clicks, leads, and conversions.

    High-Quality Content & Traffic

    The content published by Coinbound on your site is engineered to bring traffic organically, which means you don’t have to pay for ads anymore. According to the agency, their content receives almost 4000% more organic traffic compared to content written by their client’s in-house team. The content is designed to entice others to discover and follow you, and the traffic is 100% organic, with no bots and no manipulation.

    Guides & Case Studies

    Coinbound offers guides on everything related to crypto marketing, including how to measure your marketing success, social media accounts that you need for crypto marketing, tools to bring your crypto to market, crypto advertising methods, and much more. This information might be helpful if you are a beginner. Along with this, the agency also publishes all the case studies of top crypto marketers to help you get the idea of what worked for them, what hurdles they faced, and how Coinbound helped them achieve their businesses’ goals.

    Coinbound Publisher Marketplace

    The Coinbound Publisher Marketplace contains the largest network of cryptocurrency publishers, content writers, and news sites. You can easily purchase sponsored articles, press releases, email newsletters, and banner ads at the marketplace. Moreover, you can also hire a crypto influencer and spread the word about your ICO, STO, or Crypto Project.

    24/7 Customer Support

    Coinbound offers complete customer support. If you have any issues or questions about crypto marketing, their experienced team will instantly solve your problems. Moreover, you can book a meeting with the leading crypto marketing team for further guidance and support. They will also help you to make ads or social media accounts.

    Pros and Cons of Coinbound:


    • It includes a huge range of methods to grow your crypto business
    • Trusted by leading crypto companies
    • Manages largest network of cryptocurrency & blockchain content writers publishes, news sites, and social media influencers
    • High-quality content generation
    • 60X more organic traffic
    • 7X more visitors’ engagement
    • Improves Google ranking of the website
    • Easily create, launch, and optimize campaigns
    • Advanced Geo-targeting and Campaign tracking tools
    • SEO Audit tool
    • Easy-to-use dashboard
    • Provides analytics reports
    • Guides on crypto marketing
    • Competitor and Industry analysis
    • 24/7/365 customer support